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Spicy toast with avocado, egg, sun-dried tomatoes, honey and lemon

Spicy toast with avocado, egg, sun-dried tomatoes, honey and lemon

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Fry the slice of bread on a hot grill, without oil.

Break the egg in hot water, but not to boil with bubbles and leave for 4 minutes, for a soft egg, 4:30 for a slightly stickier egg and 5 for a sticky egg. Remove with a whisk.

Crush the avocado with a fork and grease the slice of bread with it. Sprinkle the cheese on top and the sliced ​​tomato. Place the egg over it, sprinkle with lemon peel and sprinkle with honey.

Crispy skewers

A recipe for crispy skewers from: mozzarella, minced beef, garlic, egg, onion, white wine, bread, breadcrumbs, paprika, salt, pepper and dill. Ingredients: 200 g mozzarella balls 400 g minced beef 3 cloves garlic 1 egg 1/2 onion 1 tablespoon white wine 2 slices bread 100 g…

Spicy toast with avocado, egg, sun-dried tomatoes, honey and lemon - Recipes

As I am a big humus fan, I said to make a slightly more special version of my everyday hummus.
Something more spicy and a little more flavorful at the same time. This is due to the peppers and pomegranate syrup, obviously.
The result was great and I don't know how the stars fit in such a way that the presentation was high.
Now don't think that the buds of talent have begun to blossom in my little engineer's soul.
Well no, the reality is much more prosaic. The arrangement was handled by an old friend of mine who was invited to dinner.
Which he took with his hands on his head seeing how I slammed the hummus into the plate and then I got my hands on the camera.
So, willingly or unwillingly, I attended a mini-food-styling session (I don't really have any translation in my head, but you can catch it). And the result is the above. :)

If I made you curious you can enter Adina's blog, she has recipes on the vegetarian-raw side. She hasn't written much lately, I think she's been drawn to so much food-styling. :))
But nah, maybe this hummus will give him a boost to get back to work, who knows. :)

- 300-350g boiled naut
- 2-3 cloves of garlic (grind well in a mortar)
- 4-5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
- juice from a lemon (or half, depending on taste)
- a cumin powder and a coriander seed powder ground in a mortar
- 1 tablespoon of tahini pasta (found at Arab butchers)
- 2-3 tablespoons of fatty yogurt (Neapolitan cedar or Greek Olympus yogurt)
- 1 teaspoon of pomegranate syrup
- 2 finely chopped hot peppers and grind in a mortar
- salt and pepper
- pomegranate for decoration (optional)

A few clarifications in advance:
You can either buy the chickpeas ready-cooked (the simplest option) or you can prepare them from scratch.
That is, buy dried chickpeas from the store, keep it soaked overnight and then boil it for about 1:30 until it softens completely.
The recipe necessarily involves a mortar (as you have noticed many ingredients must be ground in a mortar). The reason would be the degree of homogenization, once ground in a mortar, the ingredients come out much creamier and integrate much better into the finished product.

Thus, once these extremely important issues are clarified, we can move on to the recipe itself.
Which consists of mixing the ingredients in the food processor for 1-2 minutes.
If you find that the hummus is not creamy and homogeneous enough, you can add a little yogurt, oil or warm water.

The recipe is quite permissive, you will not be afraid to experiment. You can add a little of each ingredient (even exceed the indicated amounts) to get the desired taste.

At the end, decorate with pomegranate seeds and a hot pepper, cool like that (don't eat it!) :)
Good appetite!

alt = "Chicken breast stuffed with garnish" /> Chicken breast stuffed with garnish from: chicken breast, mushrooms, cheese, egg whites, carrots, dill, white pepper, salt, oil, potatoes, sesame seeds, salt, paprika. Ingredients: 1 chicken breast 150 g champignon mushrooms preserved in brine 25 g cheese 1 egg white… /> Fresh melon with lemon from: melon core, lemon. Ingredients: 600 g melon core 1 lemon Preparation: Put the melon core in a blender and add the lemon juice. Pass and pour into glasses. Se…
alt = "Avocado cocktail with fennel and shrimp" /> A recipe for avocado cocktail with extra virgin olive oil, oranges, lemon juice, fennel, shrimp, green onions and arugula. A light and impressive version of the classic shrimp cocktail. Ingredients: for the vinaigrette 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 orange, from which the pulp is removed, using a very sharp knife, then… /> A very simple video recipe on how to prepare Diddy cocktail. A perfect cocktail for parties. Ingredient: 30 ml Vodka 90 ml Lemonade 1 Sprig of mint

Recipes based on flax seeds

Although flax was known especially for making textiles, today it is of great nutritional importance. The seeds are used in various recipes for their health benefits. Flax seeds are considered a superfood, due to the fibers and fatty acids in their composition. In the following lines we will present their importance and some recipes based on flax seeds.

The seeds have an oval shape and are larger than sesame seeds. The plant has its origins in ancient Egypt. They have a crunchy texture and the aroma is slightly similar to that of walnut. Flax seeds can be yellow or brown, but the most popular on the market are brown ones. They are made pure or in the form of oil.

Nutritional values ​​of flax seeds:

  • fiber
  • proteins
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Amioacids
  • B1
  • Phosphorus
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Essential compounds (phytosterols, feluric acid and lingnani)

Phytosterols have the role of reducing cholesterol, feluric acid is a powerful antioxidant, and lingnans act as phytoestrogens and antioxidants. A tablespoon of flaxseed contains 55 calories, 1.9 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 7% water, 2.8 grams of fiber, 0.2 grams of sugar and 4.3 grams of fat.

Flaxseed Recipes:

Before consumption, flax seeds must be ground to facilitate digestion. Otherwise, they can pass through the digestive tract without being digested and a lot of their nutrients are lost.

Breakfast: an egg eye over which sprinkled ground flax seeds. Serve with sliced ​​avocado and toast bread or expanded rice. Another breakfast idea is to combine the seeds with yogurt or milk with cereal.

Lunch: add 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds to the bread dough. Meanwhile, prepare a cream of broccoli soup and serve it with a slice of freshly baked bread! You can also choose the pan-fried vegetables in which you can add a teaspoon of flax seeds.

Dinner: boil two eggs for 10 minutes, then cut them hot and sprinkle over the yolk a teaspoon of ground flax seeds. Serve them with a warm salad of quinoa, red bell pepper and feta or tofu cheese. Also at dinner you can opt for guacamole in which to add a tablespoon of seeds and serve it with expanded brown rice.

Desert: biscuits with flax seeds or muffins. In the classic biscuit recipe you can replace white flour with flaxseed flour. For the muffins, you can sprinkle a teaspoon of flax seeds on top of them before putting them in the oven.

Flax seeds have a lot of health benefits due to the nutrients in their composition. They can regulate blood sugar levels, relieve arthritis symptoms, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and hot flashes. Flax seeds are also beneficial for digestion, avoiding their consumption by constipation.

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Turkey roll with greens

A recipe for turkey roll with greens from: turkey breast, leurda, green parsley, green onion, green basil, green dill, olive oil, telemea, pine buds, cheese, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 1 kg turkey breast 1 link leurda 1 link green parsley 1 link green basil leaves 1 link leaves & # 8230

Viennese turkey escalopes with foie gras

A recipe for Viennese turkey escalopes with foie gras from: turkey, foie gras, eggs, flour, almond powder, breadcrumbs, butter, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 4 slices of turkey, large and thin 4 slices of raw foie gras, thawed 2 eggs 50 g flour 30 g almond powder 30 g breadcrumbs 70 g & # 8230

Turkey rolls filled with greens

A recipe for turkey rolls stuffed with greens from: onion, oil, bay leaf, juniper berries, sauerkraut, white wine, salt, sugar, turkey breast, pepper, onion, garlic, smoked bacon, thyme, butter, bacon and soup. Ingredients: 1 onion 3 tablespoons oil 1 bay leaf 3-4 juniper berries 500 g cabbage & # 8230

Spicy turkey with bulgur wheat salad and pomegranate

A recipe for spicy turkey with bulgur wheat and pomegranate salad from: dill, parsley, mint, lemon peel and juice, harissa, turkey breast, white wine, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers and pomegranate seeds. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons chopped dill, parsley and mint grated peel and juice of 1 lemon 1 & # 8230

Veal tagliata with parmesan

A recipe for veal tagliatelle with parmesan from: veal fillets, arugula, parmesan, sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 800 g veal fillets 1 large bunch of arugula 80 g parmesan cheese 4 tablespoons sunflower oil 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 60 ml olive oil

Veal salad

A salad recipe with veal from: veal, pickled cucumbers, beets, carrots, potatoes, mayonnaise, parsley, dill and pepper. Ingredients: 200 g veal (fried lean) 2 pickled cucumbers a boiled beet or a celery root 250 g boiled carrots 250 g boiled potatoes a glass of mayonnaise leaves of & # 8230

Transylvanian calf stew

A recipe for Transylvanian veal stew from: veal, onion, carrots, parsley, bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic, soy juice, soy sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, ginger, parsley, celery leaves, salt, pepper and paprika. Ingredients: 800 g veal 4 onions (2 red and 2 white) 4 carrots & # 8230

Veal roll with greens sauce

A veal roll recipe with vegetable sauce from: veal pulp, salt, garlic, lemon juice, greens, lemon peel, butter, flour, sour cream, egg and salt. Ingredients: 600 g veal leg salt 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon lemon juice 4 tablespoons chopped greens - basil, thyme parsley & # 8230

Veal muscles with spicy bell pepper sauce

A veal muscle recipe with spicy bell pepper sauce from: bell pepper, garlic, olive oil, broth, soup, salt, pepper, thyme, balsamic vinegar and veal fillet muscles. Ingredients: 2 bell peppers 2 yellow bell peppers 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon broth 250 ml soup & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Veal neck with mushrooms in the oven

A neck recipe is veal with baked mushrooms from: veal neck, salt, pepper, garlic, tomato juice and mushrooms. Ingredients: 6 pieces veal neck Salt Pepper Garlic Tomato juice 8 whole mushrooms Preparation: Wash the veal well, salt and pepper. Add crushed garlic

Turnedou Rossini

A Rossini turnip recipe from: veal, foie gras, bread, rind, madeira wine, butter, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 6 slices of veal, about 130 g each (muscle or antricot) 300 g semi-prepared foie gras 6 slices of sandwich bread 20 g truffle peel 4 tablespoons Madeira wine & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Veal sparrow and sour cabbage salad

A recipe for veal sparrow and sour cabbage salad from: veal sparrow, mushrooms, tomato juice and spices. Ingredients: 7 pieces veal sparrow 2 jars whole mushrooms Tomato juice Spices with sea salt Preparation: Wash the meat well. Season and place in a suitable tray & # 8230.

Veal escalope with wooden ears mushrooms

A recipe for veal escalope with wooden ears mushrooms from: veal escalope, white flour, vegetable oil, ginger, mushrooms, soy sauce and sake. Ingredients: 400 g lean pieces of veal escalope 2 tablespoons white flour, seasoned with salt and pepper 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 & # 8230

Beef steak with beans

A recipe for veal steak with beans from: beans, bacon, garlic, olive oil, peeled tomatoes, vegetable soup, rosemary, salt, pepper, veal and thyme. Ingredients: 250 g dried white beans 100 g smoked breaded bacon 1 clove garlic 1 tablespoon olive oil 500 g & # 8230

Veal chops in white sauce

A recipe for veal meatballs in white sauce from: minced veal, eggs, salt, pepper, white wine, margarine, flour, concentrated chicken soup and parsley. Ingredients: 250 g minced veal 2 eggs salt pepper for sauce: 200 ml white wine 150 g margarine 5 tablespoons white flour 200 ml soup & # 8230

Veal soup with green beans

A veal soup recipe with green beans from: green beans, veal, carrots, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, paprika, oil, parsley, celery leaves and yogurt. Ingredients: 1 kg green beans 500 g veal 2 carrots 1 onion 1 bell pepper 3 tomatoes ½ teaspoon paprika 2 tbsp & # 8230

Veal stew with olives

A recipe for veal stew with olives from: veal, onion, garlic, carrots, celery, oil, broth, dry red wine, beef soup, bay leaf, allspice, rosemary, thyme, black olives, salt and pepper . Ingredients: 600 g veal (boneless veal leg) 5 onions 3 cloves garlic 2 carrots & # 8230

Brain pie

A brain pie recipe from: pie sheets, veal brain, onion, thyme, salt, pepper and butter. Ingredients: 1 packet of pie sheets 1 veal brain (400-500 g), washed and carat membranes 1 large white onion thyme salt pepper 75 g melted butter Preparation: Cut the onion & # 8230

Veal broth with tarragon sauce

A veal broth recipe with tarragon sauce from: veal, carrot, parsley, onion, flour, sour cream and tarragon. Ingredients: 600 g veal 1 carrot 1 parsley root 1 onion 40 g flour 150 g cream 1 tarragon bunch Preparation: Boil the meat in & # 8230

Lentil soup with veal

A recipe for lentil soup with veal from: lentils, veal, onion, tomato paste, oil, salt, pepper and greens. Ingredients: 300 g lentils 250 g veal 1 onion 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 tablespoon oil pepper salt greens, to taste Preparation: Cut & # 8230

Veal rolls stuffed with minced meat

A delicious recipe for veal rolls stuffed with minced meat: marjoram, vegetables, green onions, garlic, sausages, greens, salt, pepper, veal, oil, beef soup, white wine, sour cream and lemon peel. Ingredients: 1/2 bunch marjoram 1 bunch vegetable soup 2 green onions 1 clove garlic 150 g sausages & # 8230

Veal rolls in red wine sauce

A delicious recipe for veal rolls in red wine sauce from: eggs, veal, parsley, thyme, salt, pepper, veal musk, tomatoes, carrots, onions, oil, olive oil, broth, caster wine and soup. Ingredients: 4 eggs 250 g minced veal 1 teaspoon chopped parsley 1 teaspoon chopped thyme salt pepper 4 & # 8230

Veal rolls with green olives and ricotta cheese

A delicious recipe for veal roll with green olives and ricotta cheese from: veal muscles, garlic, nasal, olive oil, ricotta cheese, parmesan, salt, pepper, bacon, onion, carrot, celery, broth, red wine and soup . Ingredients: 4 pieces of veal muscles shaped for the roll (180 g) 1 clove of garlic 150 & # 8230

Vitel Orloff

A delicious recipe for veal orloff from: veal leg, onion, carrot, celery stalks, mushrooms, flour, milk, butter, nutmeg, chicken soup, white wine, bay leaves, parsley, thyme, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 1.5 kg veal pulp 1 onion 1 carrot 2 celery stalks 600 g fresh mushrooms 3 tablespoons flour & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Beef with mushrooms

A beef recipe with mushrooms from: beef, pea cream soup, white wine, mustard and mushrooms. Ingredients: 800g beef 1 packet of pea cream soup 300ml white wine 3 tablespoons mustard 400g boiled mushrooms Preparation: Beef is smeared with mustard and & # 8230


In Germany, the first dish usually served at weddings is a plate of Hochzeitssuppe. This is a hearty beef soup, in which intricate garnishes float, symbolizing the abundance of the bride and groom. The soup is made from beef bones, which are boiled in water at & # 8230

Mignon fillet with red wine sauce

A mignon fillet recipe with red wine sauce from: beef fillets, rapeseed oil, butter, red wine, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 4 beef fillets rapeseed oil 40 grams butter 500 ml red wine salt pepper Preparation: If your fillets contain traces of fat it is advisable to & # 8230

Beef steak marinated with honey and soy sauce

A recipe for beef steak marinated with honey and soy sauce from: beef, soy sauce, olive oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 500 grams beef 40 ml soy sauce 40 ml olive oil 20 ml honey 20 ml balsamic vinegar 2 & # 8230

Appetizing lasagna with minced meat

An appetizing lasagna recipe with minced meat from: minced meat, lasagna sheets, tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion, olive oil, garlic, vegetable soup, dry white wine, oregano, salt, pepper, butter, flour, milk , rosemary and nutmeg. Ingredients: 500 g minced meat (chicken, turkey or pork mixture with beef) 1 pack of sheets & # 8230

Onion soup

Few dishes prepared in the kitchens of French bistros are tastier than onion soup. You look forward to seeing her arrive, leaving behind a trail of fragrant steam coming out of the layer of melted cheese on top. The secret of a delicious onion soup is the onion itself. It needs to be cut into very slices

Cow muscle in spinach nest

A recipe for beef muscle in spinach nest from: beef, oil, egg, butter, salt, lemon juice and spinach. Ingredients: 200 g cow muscle 1 teaspoon oil 1 egg 20 g butter salt 1 tablespoon lemon juice 400 g spinach Preparation: Boil the muscle & # 8230

Stuffed quinces

A recipe for quince stuffed with: quince, onion, butter, bread, beef, parsley, pepper, salt, sugar, flour and oil. Ingredients: 6 quinces 2 onions 100 g butter 2 slices of bread 500 g minced beef 1/2 bunch parsley pepper salt for sauce: 100 g sugar 2 tablespoons flour 50 ml oil & # 8230

Stew with mushrooms and beef

A recipe for stew with mushrooms and beef from: beef broth, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, garlic, olive oil, butter, pepper, spices, tomato paste, pepper paste, parsley and red wine. Ingredients: 600 g beef broth one kg mushrooms 4 capsicum peppers 2 onion onions a clove of garlic 20 ml & # 8230

Sausage soup with tarragon

A recipe for sausage soup with tarragon from: smoked pork sausages, beef bones, onions, carrots, parsnips, parsley, tarragon, rice, yogurt, egg, flour and oil. Ingredients: 200 g smoked pork sausages 500 g beef bones 2 onions 1 carrot 1 parsnip 1 parsley root 2 tarragon bundles 1 tbsp & # 8230

Irish food in the oven

An Irish recipe from: beef, onions, potatoes, sauerkraut, meat soup, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 750 g beef 250 g onion 1 kg potatoes 1 kg sauerkraut 250 ml meat soup salt pepper Preparation: Cut the meat into cubes, cut the onion and peeled potatoes.

Fajitas with beef, onion and corn salsa

A recipe for fillets with beef, onion and corn sauce from: avocado, lime juice, lime, corn, tomato, coriander, olive oil, red onion, beef chop, spices, tortilla leaves, iceberg lettuce and hot pepper . Ingredients: 1 very ripe avocado juice from 1 lime 1 lime cut into quarters 100 g & # 8230

Noodles with meat and spinach

A recipe for noodles with meat and spinach from: spinach leaves, mushrooms, wheat noodles, beef, soy sauce, liqueur, hot peppers, oil, meat soup, garlic, sugar, ginger, pepper and salt. Ingredients: 250 g spinach leaves 150 g mushrooms 300 g wheat noodles 250 g beef & # 8230

Beef soup with pumpkin core

A recipe for Beef Soup with pumpkin core from: beef bone, beef, onion, carrots, parsley, kale, celery, pumpkin core, ginger powder, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 1 beef bone 500 g beef 1 onion 2 carrots 2 parsley roots 1 small squash 1 celery & # 8230

Spicy beef steak

A spicy beef steak recipe from: beef fillets, peppercorns, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, salt and butter. Ingredients: 300 gr beef fillets 1 tablespoon peppercorns 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 clove garlic 1 sugar knife tip 1 salt knife tip 2 & # 8230

Beef stew with vegetables

A recipe for beef stew with vegetables from: vegetables, onions, tomatoes, beef, bay leaf, peppercorns, salt, potatoes, carrots, celery, white cabbage, parsley, oil and pepper. Ingredients: 1 bunch vegetable soup 1 onion 3 tomatoes 500 g beef 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon beans & # 8230


A perfect consommé must be clear, fragrant and free of any fat. Nu este de mirare că această supă clasică franţuzească este considerată o piatră de încercare pentru orice bucătar. Consomme se prepară astfel: într-o oală plină cu supă de vită făcută în casă se adaugă carne de vită…

Plăcintă ţărănească cu carne de vita si branza Cheddar

O reteta de placinta taraneasca cu carne de vita si branza Cheddar din: carne de vita, ulei de floarea, bacon, salote, telina, faina, concentrat de vita, cimbru, dafin, morcovi, cartofi, unt, branza Cheddar, lapte si praf de mustar. Ingrediente: 1 kg carne de vita, taiata in bucati mari 2-4 linguri ulei de floarea soarelui…

Pizza turcească cu carne tocată

O reteta de pizza turceasca cu carne tocata din: ardei iute, ceapa rosie, patrunjel, carne de vita, pasta de ardei, ou, sare, piper, chimen, aluat dospit si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 1 ardei iute 1 ceapa rosie 2 legaturi patrunjel 200 g carne de vita tocata 1 lingura pasta de ardei 1 ou sare…

Plăcintă cu vită şi bere

O reteta de placinta cu vita si bere din: ceapa, telina, unt, faina, pulpa de vita, sos worcestershire, bere neagra, ou, seminte de mac, faina si unt. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa, tocata 1 tulpina de telina Apio, tocata 2 linguri de unt 2 linguri de faina 700 g pulpa de vita, taiata in bucati mari…

Pui aromat

O reteta de pui aromat din: pui, unt, cimbru, oregano, maghiran, usturoi, cartofi, ceapa, morcovi, lamaie, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 pui de 1,5 kg 100 gr. unt cimbru rozmarin oregano maghiran usturoi pisat 6 cartofi medii 3 cepe 1 morcov 1 lamaie sare piper Mod de preparare: Spala bine puiul, apoi sterge-l…

Pui la gratar cu mozarella si pesto

O reteta de pui la gratar cu mozzarella si pesto din: piept de pui, otet balsamic, mozzarella si pesto. Ingrediente: 4 piepti de pui 400 ml otet balsamic 200 grame mozzarella 100 grame pesto Mod de preparare: Intr-un bol amesteca puiul cu 200 ml otet balsamic si lasa la marinat timp de o…

Pui cu 5 mirodenii

O reteta de pui cu 5 mirodenii din: pui, sare, piper, amestec chinezesc, miere, ulei de floarea soarelui, usturoi, ghimbir, supa de pui, sos de soia, ceapa verde, ardei iute, cartofi, unt, ulei de masline, coriandru si fasole verde. Ingrediente: pentru pui: 1 pui (circa 1,5 kg) sare piper 1 lingurita amestec chinezesc de…

Ciocanele de pui pane

O reteta de ciocanele de pui pane din: smantana, maioneza, sare, piper alb, suc de lamaie, zahar tos, ciocanele de pui, sare, oua, lapte, pesmet, ulei si parmezan. Ingrediente: pentru dressing: 100 ml smantana 100 g maioneza 1 praf de sare piper alb macinat 1 lingurita suc de lamaie 1 lingurita zahar tos pentru…

Cum se prepara supa de pui cu smantana (video)

Cum se prepara supa de pui cu smantana O reteta video despre cum se prepara supa de pui cu smantana, un preparat delicios si gustos, rapid si sanatos. Ingrediente: 65 g butter 1 medium onion, chopped 3 celery sticks, chopped 3 medium carrots, chopped 3 tbsp flour 1 ½ ltr chicken stock 3 sprigs…

Pui umplut cu usturoi si rozmarin

O reteta de pui umplut cu usturoi si rozmarin din: cartofi, usturoi, rozmarin, lamaie, sare de mare, unt, pui, sare, piper, sunca uscata si vin alb sec. Ingrediente: 1 kg cartofi 8 catei de usturoi 2 fire de rozmarin 1 lamaie 1/2 lingurita sare de mare grunjoasa 2 linguri unt 1 pui (1,5 kg)…

Paste cu pui, branza si spanac

O reteta de paste cu pui, branza si spanac din: paste, carne tocata de pui, spanac, usturoi, ulei de masline, branza ricotta, mozzarella, ou, maioneza, sos de tomate, parmezan, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 200 grame paste in forma de melc 600 grame carne tocata de pui 200 grame spanac tocat 1 catel de usturoi…

Pui cu usturoi in stil chinezesc

O reteta de pui cu usturoi in stil usturoi din: piept de pui, sos de soia, vin alb, usturoi, ulei de susan, fulgi de ardei iute, ceapa verde si ulei de alune. Ingrediente: 450 grame piept de pui taiat in cubulete 30 ml sos de soia 10 ml vin alb 4 catei de usturoi…

Pui in stil englez

O reteta de pui in stil englez din: carne de pui, unt, ciuperci, ceapa, ardei, lapte, amidon si sare. Ingrediente: 1 kg carne de pui 100 g unt 200 g ciuperci proaspete 60 g ceapa 60 g ardei bulgaresc 500 g lapte 10 g amidon sare Mod de preparare: Se spala carnea de…

Salata engleza

O reteta de salata engleza din: file de pui, ciuperci, castraveti, maioneza, mustar, ridichi de luna, telina, frunze de salata si sare. Ingrediente: 300 g file de pui 100 g ciuperci fierte 2 castraveti 125 g maioneza 2 lingurite mustar de masa 2 legatura ridichii de luna telina frunze de salata sare Mod…

Salată de pui

O reteta de salata de pui din: spanac, mango, castravete, alune, ardei iute, file d epui, unt, sare, suc de lamaie, otet si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 150 g spanac 1 mango copt 1/2 castravete 50 g alune tăiate 1/2 linguriţă ardei iute uscat sau 1 vârf de cuţit piper cayenne 600 g file…

Aripioare picante de pui

O reteta de aripioare picante de pui din: aripioare de pui, sos de soia, otet, ulei de masline, coriandru, cardamom, chimen, menta, patrunjel, ceapa verde, usturoi, suc de lamaie si ardei iute uscat. Ingrediente: 1 kg aripioare de pui 3 linguri sos de soia 3 linguri oţet 3 linguri ulei de măsline 2 linguriţe…

Frigarui cu pui

Preincalzeste cuptorul la semnul 6/200C si pune in apa 8 tepuse din lemn timp de 20 de minute. Prajeste in 1 lingura ulei de floarea soarelui 300 g piept de pui, taiat bucati timp de 1-2 minute, pana cand se rumenesc. Adauga 2 linguri pasta de curry picanta, lasa sa se racoreasca si apoi…

Frigarui cu orez

O reteta de frigarui cu orez din: piept de pui, ardei gras, ceapa rosie, rosii, ciuperci, orez, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 2 piepti de pui 1 ardei gras 2 cepe rosii 4 rosii 4 ciuperci 300 g orez sare piper Mod de preparare: Pune orezul la fiert in multa apa cu sare si…

Tocanita de pui cu mamaliga

O reteta de tocanita de pui cu mamaliga din: piept de pui, ceapa rosie, rosii, ardei gras, usturoi, morcovi, suc de rosii, patrunjel verde, malai, sare, piper si ulei. Ingrediente: 2 piepti de pui 2 cepe rosii 2 rosii 1 ardei gras rosu 3-4 catei de usturoi 1-2 morcovi 1 ceasca cu suc de…

Salata verde cu dressing de lapte batut

O reteta de salata verde cu dressing de lapte batut din: salate, avocado, rosii, kaizer, piept de curcan sau de pui, oua, lapte batut, maioneza, otet din vin alb, marar si usturoi. Ingrediente: 2 salate mici, desfacute in frunze 1 avocado, curatat de sambure si taiat felii 2 rosii mari, tocate 3 felii de…

Pui cu chorizo la tavă

O reteta de pui cu chorizo la tava din: chorizo, ceapa rosie, usturoi, pulpe superioare de pui, cioconele de pui, cartofi, rozmarin si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 140 g chorizo 2 cepe rosii, taiate in felii groase 4 catei de usturoi 4 pulpe superioare de pui 4 ciocanele de pui 4 cartofi medii cu…

Reteta zilei: Clatite galbene cu pui si legume

O reteta de clatite galbene cu pui si legume din: lapte, oua, faina, sofran, sare, unr, piept de pui, spanac, faina, ardei rosu, ceapa verde, usturoi, sare, piper si cascaval. Ingrediente: pentru clatite: 300ml lapte 2 oua 150 g faina 2 linguri sofran sare unt pentru umplutura: 1 piept de pui 1 cana spanac…


Tamales sunt nişte gustări foarte populare în Mexic şi în alte tări sud-americane, în special pentru micul dejun. Sunt de fapt nişte rulouri din aluat de porumb numit masa. După ce au fost umplute, se dau prin făină de porumb măcinată mai grcos şi apoi se prăjesc. Umpluturile conţin de regulă carne prăjită –…

Pui la tavă cu harissa, ardei graşi şi brânză feta

O reteta de pui la tava cu harissa, arde grasi si branza feta din: harissa, otet de vin rosu, pulpe de pui, ceapa rosie, ardei copti, branza feta, seminte de pin si cuscus. Ingrediente: 2 linguri de harissa 1 lingura otet de vin rosu 500 g pulpe de pui dezosate, fara piele 2 cepe…

Curry uşor de pui

O reteta de curry usor de pui din: ceapa, usturoi, ghimbir, pasta de curry, piept de pui, migdale, stafide, supa de pui, zahar fin, iaurt si coriandru. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa tocata 2 catei de usturoi, tocati mare 1 bucata de ghimbir cat degetul mare, tocat mare 4 linguri pasta de curry 4 piepti de…

Chicken stew

O reteta de tocanita de pui din: rosii uscate, mandarine, file de piept de pui, usturoi, ulei, suc de portocale, sare, piper, busuioc, branza de capra. Ingrediente: 75 g rosii uscate conservate in ulei 4 mandarine 600 g file de piept de pui 2 catei de usturoi 2 linguri ulei 150 ml suc de…

Supă de pui cu tăiţei

O reteta de supa de pui cu taitei din: piept de pui, morcovi, ulei vegetal, ameste de 5 condimente, supa de pui, porumb, mazare, sos de soia, taitei din orez, ceapa verde, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 bucati piept de pui fara piele 2 morcovi mari 2 linguri ulei vegetal 1/2 lingurita amestec de…

Reteta zilei: Pui cu branza Roquefort

O reteta de pui cu branza roquefort din: pui, branza roquefort, smantana, sare, piper, ulei si vin alb. Ingrediente: 1/2 pui 150g branza Roquefort 150g smantana sare piper ulei vin alb Mod de preparare: Intr-o tigaie se pune ulei, se adauga carnea de pui taiata in bucati mici si se prajeste pe ambele…

Pui cu ciuperci la cuptor

O reteta de pui cu ciuperci la cuptor din: pui, busuioc, cimbru, piper, sare, ciuperci, ceapa, cartofi, ulei, lamaie si patrunjel. Ingrediente: 1 pui busuioc cimbru piper sare 2 cutii ciuperci 2 cepe 2 cartofi ulei 1 lamaie patrunjel verde sau marar Mod de preparare: Tranşezi puiul în bucăţi şi îl condimentezi cu…

Mâncare dietetica cu pui şi ciuperci

O reteta de mancare dietetica cu pui si ciuperci din: piept de pui, ulei de masline, ceapa, sare, piper, ciuperci si rosii. Ingrediente: 840 g piept de pui 3 linguri ulei de masline 3 cepe sare piper 200 g ciuperci champignon 500 g rosii intregi decojite Mod de preparare: Intr-o tigaie, pui 2…

Rulouri din muschi de porc

O reteta de rulouri din muschi de porc din: piept de pui, muschi de porc, ceapa, morcov, gogosari, patrunjel, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 muschi de porc 1 piept de pui dezosat, de marime potrivita 2 cepe 1 morcov cateva bucati de gogosari sau ardei patrunjel sare si piper dupa gust Mod de…

Pui umplut cu spanac şi curmale

O reteta de pui umplut cu spanac si curmale din: ceapa, usturoi, ulei de masline, spanac, curmale, chimion, piept de pui, firop de rodie si fasole verde. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa mare, feliata fin 2 catei de usturoi, feliati ulei de masline 8 curmale, tocate marunt 200 g spanac, tocat 2 lingurite de chimion macinat…

Toast picant cu avocado, ou, rosii uscate la soare, miere si lamaie - Rețete

Ceai negru, pur Ceylon, cu o note de fructul pasiunii și portocala. Basilur Frosty Afternoon vă ofera oportunitatea unei intalniri cu familia și prietenii într-o seară rece, cu o ceașcă caldă din acest delicios ceai.

Numarul de plicuri - 25 buc. cu snur.

Ingrediente: ceai negru pur Ceylon (96,5%) cu adaos de fructul pasiunii (1,5%) și portocala (2%).

Țara de origine: Sri Lanka

Gen: BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

Rooibos Assorted 25 doze

Infuzii bogate in minerale, fitochimicale si fitoestrogeni, ramanand in acelasi timp foarte scazute in alcaloizi, tanin si calorii. Fiecare ceasca este o surpriza incantatoare, plina de arome delicioase. Un sortiment cu patru tipuri diferite de Rooibos si alte ingrediente naturale, perfect pentru un cadou prietenilor sau familiei.

ROOIBOS ORGANIC - Rooibos organic 100% pur, fara aditivi.

ROOIBOS PEACH APRICOT - Rooibos, hibiscus, macese, musetel, frunze de lamaie si aroma naturala de piersica.

ROOIBOS ORANGE GINGER - Rooibos, lamaie, ghimbir, portocale si aroma naturala de portocale.

ROOIBOS HONEY LIME - Rooibos, lemongrass, portocale, lamaie, floare de portocal si aroma naturala de miere si lamaie.

25 pliculete cu ceai invelite individual, ambalate intr-o cutie de carton.

Vintage Assorted 40 doze

Un amestec de ceaiuri din Ceylon din colectia Vintage Style. Incercati diferite arome si alegeti-va preferatul.

Winter- Ceai negru pur Ceylon (96,5%) cu aroma naturală de vanilie (1,75%) si capsuni (1,75%).

Merry - Ceai negru pur Ceylon (97%) cu aroma naturala de miere, ghimbir, lamaie si vanilie (3%).

Gift - Ceai negru pur Ceylon (96,5%) cu aroma naturala de cirese (1,75%) si migdale (1,75%).

Christmas - ceai verde pur Ceylon (96,25%) cu arome naturale de mango (2%), fructul pasiunii (1,5%) si limeta (2,25%)

Numarul de plicuri - 40 buc. Pliculete ambalate separat, aroma completa in fiecare ceasca.

Tara de origine: Sri Lanka

Gen: BOPf (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

Cream Fantasy - refill

O experienta deosebita, un ceai verde special, un amestec cu aroma dulce si discreta de capsuni, frisca si petale de flori.

Compozitie: ceai verde, papaya, petale de trandafir, ananas, capsuni si aroma de frisca

Jasmine Tea / Green Tea

Cutia de sus - Cu ceai verde pur de Ceylon ca baza, aceasta este o combinatie uimitoare de arome si petale de flori de iasomie. Aroma ceaiului preparat este dulceaga, de flori proaspete de iasomie.

Cutia de jos - Ceai verde, sanatos si revigorant. Fin si usor, acest ceai poate fi consumat intreaga zi. 100% ceai verde pur de Ceylon

Ingrediente: JASMINE TEA: 100 % ceai verde cu muguri de iasomie si aroma de iasomie GREEN TEA: 100% ceai verde pur de Ceylon si frunze de ceai Young Hyson

Island of Tea - Special

Varfurile - un semn al culegerii fine, al delicatetii culesului, sunt un atu al acestui ceai FBOPF1 Extra Special. Doua frunze si un mugur sunt curatate cu precizie si rulate in spirale lungi ce ofera miros de miere cu aromă parfumată și un gust fin, delicat și subtil.

Ceai negru de Ceylon FBOP EXTRA SPECIAL, frunze cu aromă profundă și bogată.

Compus din frunze de ceai și muguri de flori rulate în bile mici.

Compozitie: ceai 100% Ceylon cu frunze negre cu frunze de ceai tinere, fara aditivi.

Țara de origine: Sri Lanka.

Captain's Tea Gampola

Nimic nu va poate imbogati ziua mai bine decat esenta exceptionala a acestui ceai, un amestec de bergamota si ceai negru pur de Ceylon. Mirosul linistitor si gustul placut al amestecului lor relaxeaza si stimuleaza in acelasi timp.

Ceaiul Basilur Gampola este negru, bogat in arome si provine de pe fertilele plantatii Kandy. Alegerea perfecta pentru un ceai moale, dar totusi complet.

Ingrediente: ceai negru pur de Ceylon FBOP 100% pur, ce contine mango, ananas, Earl Grey, scortisoara si vanilie, sigilat in ambalaje de conservare a aromei, iar acestea in cutie de metal personalizata.

Moroccan Mint - doze mari

Ceai verde aromat, revigorant, de pe plantatiile de inaltime ale Ceylonului (Sri Lanka), cu frunze de menta marocana. Este ambalat in saculeti de ceai de 1,5gr. Culoarea ceaiului este galben-verzuie. Ingrediente: ceai verde menta marocana. Contine 20 plicuri de ceai ambalate in plicuri din folie pentru o prospetime de durata.

Magic Nights - doze mari

Savureaza aromele unei traditii stravechi intr-o ceasca de Basilur Magic Night. 100% ceai negru pur de Ceylon cu un amestec unic de arome. Ingrediente: 100% ceai negru pur de Ceylon cu albastrele, fructe de merisoare si arome de capsuni, caise, ananas si papaya.

Fructele vă va încânta gustul și vă vor liniști simțurile. Magic Nights este un lider printre toate ceaiurile mărcii Basilur Tea timp de mai mulți ani și este amestecul cel mai des ales de iubitorii de ceai bun premium. Îl recomandăm tuturor!

Numărul de plicuri - 20 buc.

Compoziție: ceai negru de Ceylon (97%) cu adaos de arome naturale de căpșuni (0,75%), caise (0,75%), ananas (0,75%) și papaya (0,75%)

Țara de origine: Sri Lanka

Gen: BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings)

Organic Matcha Blueberry

Matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunze de ceai uscate si transformate in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate de cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) decat o cafea! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta. Versiunea noastra de ceai verde organic matcha cu afine ofera un gust placut si racoritor, plin de antioxidanti. Fiecare plic este ambalat in folie pentru a ne asigura ca ceaiul este proaspat de fiecare data cand va preparati o noua ceasca de ceai.

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Organic Matcha Turmeric & Passion Fruit

Matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunze de ceai uscate si transformate in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate de cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) decat o cafea! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta. Versiunea noastra de ceai verde organic matcha cu turmeric si passion fruit furnizeaza o doza importanta de antioxidanti intr-un ceai astringent care este racoritor si revigorant.

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Organic Matcha Cinnamon & Ginger

Matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunze de ceai uscate si transformate in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate de cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) decat o cafea! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta. Varianta noastra de Organic Matcha cu Scortisoara si Ghimbir este o combinatie incantatoare de trei arome clasice intr-o cească fabuloasa. Aceste arome se imbina perfect si confera bautorilor un sentiment cald si revigorant de totala buna-stare.

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Organic Matcha Honey & Lemon

Fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta. Savurat de secole in Japonia antică, matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunza de ceai transformata in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate de cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) decat o cafea! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Acest mix de matcha, miere si lamaie este amestecul nostru clasic, cu adaos de lemongrass si aroma naturala de miere si lamaie, o selectie perfect echilibrata astfel incat fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta.

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Organic Matcha Mint

Savurat de secole in Japonia antica, matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunza de ceai transformata in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate de cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) decat o cafea! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Combinatia noastra Matcha mint este un amestec linistitor si revigorant de ceai verde, menta si aroma naturala de menta, perfect ca un ceai dupa cina. Si nu uitati ca impachetam fiecare ceai in plicuri din folie pentru a asigura prospetimea de fiecare data cand savurati o noua cească!

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Organic Matcha Masala Chai

Fiecare ceasca este o experienta exotica si revigoranta. Savurat de secole in Japonia antica, matcha este un ceai verde concentrat, obtinut din frunza de ceai uscata si transformata in pulbere. Imbunatateste concentrarea, nivelul de energie si dispozitia dar ofera si o multime de antioxidanti, vitamine, minerale si fibre. Si doar cu jumatate din cafeina (teina in cazul ceaiului verde) unei cafele! Nu e de mirare ca a devenit alternativa sanatoasa pentru tot mai multi oameni in intreaga lume.

Combinatia noastra Matcha cu masala chai este un amestec picant de scortisoara, cuisoare, piper negru, ghimbir, nucsoara si cardamom.

Contine 25 de plicuri cu ceai verde, condimente, mirodenii si arome naturale fara aditivi chimici.

Tie Guan Yin - Refill

Tie Guan Yin este un ceai verde chinezesc semifermentat ce se obtine prin uscarea frunzelor pentru a opri procesul de fermentare. Dupa acesta etapa frunzele sunt rulate in forma de bile. Este unul dintre cele mai renumite ceaiuri chinezesti (potrivit clasamentelor oficiale este listat intre primele zece cele mai bune din lume) motiv pentru care se afla in meniul celor mai bune restaurante chinezesti din intreaga lume.

Este bogat in antioxidanti, ajuta corpul sa arda grasimile si creste rezistenta musculara, inlocuieste cu succes cafeaua, energizand organismul, ajuta le mentinerea igienei si sanatatii orale, intareste sistemul imunitar si combate efectele daunatoare ale radiatiilor ultraviolete.

Ambalat in cutii de carton de 100 de grame, in pungi cu fermoar care pastreaza aroma.

Organic Turmeric Peppermint & Clove

Ceai din plante pe bază de turmeric, lămâie, cuișoare, mușețel, mentă, moringa și frunze de busuioc.

Bautura pe care o obținem din ierburile uscate este complet decafeinizata.

Ceaiurile Tipson sunt o combinație între tradiție și inovație. Brandul combină metodele vechi de amestecare a ceaiului, rețete tradiționale cu cerințele și tendințele momentului prezent. Aceste ceaiuri vor încânta pe toată lumea cu gustul și aroma lor.

Numărul de plicuri: 25 buc - fiecare ambalat separat, aromă completă și prospețime în fiecare ceașcă. Greutate netă: 37,5 g

Organic Turmeric Chamomile

Ceai din plante pe bază de turmeric, mușețel, lămâie și busuioc, decafeinizat.

Ceaiurile Tipson sunt o combinație între tradiție și inovație. Brandul combină metodele vechi de amestecare a ceaiului, rețete tradiționale cu cerințele și tendințele momentului prezent. Aceste ceaiuri vor încânta pe toată lumea cu gustul și aroma.

Numărul de plicuri: 25 buc - fiecare ambalat separat, aromă completă și prospețime în fiecare ceașcă.

Compoziție: mușețel (65%), turmeric (15%), lemongrass (15%), busuioc (5%). Greutate netă: 37,5 g

Friganele in stil american

Friganelele sunt pentru multi care au trait (si au si ceva amintiri) pe vremea „cea dinainte de 󈨝” un mic-dejun (sau desert) banal, dar atat de delicios. Cand eram mic eram topit dupa acest pane de paine, dat prin zahar. Friganelele vin de la francezi (bleah!) si sunt cunoscute in lumea intreaga ca pain perdu sau french toast. In esenta, o friganea este o felie de paine mai veche, inmuiata in lapte, data prin ou si prajita.

Ce sunt friganelele americane? Cam acelasi lucru, doar ca mai decadente. Trebuie consumate cu moderatie, fiind adevarate bombe calorice. Sa va rasfatati la micul-dejun de 2-3 ori pe an merge. Dar nu mai mult, daca nu vreti sa aratati precum un texan crescut pe aripioare picante!

Ingrediente friganele:

  • 2 eggs
  • 125 ml milk
  • o lingurita scortisoara
  • esenta de vanilie (fiti generosi)
  • 6 felii de paine alba, groase de 2.5 cm
  • a tablespoon of butter

Ingrediente banane caramelizate:

  • 20 g unt
  • 2 banane taiate pe lungime si apoi pe jumatate
  • o lingura zahar
  • miere fluida

Se fac foarte banal: intr-un recipient mai adanc se bat ouale cu laptele si zaharul, scortisoara, vanilia. Se pun feliile de paine in recipient. Lasati la inmuiat 5-7 minute, intorcand de cateva ori feliile de paine, ca sa se imbibe egal pe ambele parti. Daca va place scortisoara mult, inainte de a le praji mai presarati putina pe deasupra.

Topiti untul intr-o tigaie, si cu grija puneti feliile de paine la prajit. Prajiti pe rand si mai adaugati unt daca este nevoie. Le intoarceti cand devin frumos rumenite pe o parte. Cand sunt gata le scoateti si le pastrati calde.

Pentru banane, se topeste untul, se pune zaharul, si apoi bananele. Se lasa pe foc, intorcand bananele din cand in cand, pana sunt frumos caramelizate. Poate dura cateva minute, in functie de grosimea feliilor de banana.

Serviti friganelele cu banane caramelizate deasupra, si stropiti-le cu putina miere. Cum spuneam bomba calorica! A naibii de gustoasa. Good appetite!

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