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One can pasta with vegetables, sausages and cheese

One can pasta with vegetables, sausages and cheese

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Broccoli is washed and only the florets / bouquets are cut.

Peel onions, peppers and tomatoes and chop coarsely.

Then cook, in a higher pan, or a semi-pot with the broccoli bunches, mushrooms drained from the liquid in the jar, pasta, adding olive oil and enough water to cover the pasta, then leave to boiled, be careful, approx. 15 minutes after they started to boil.

Season with oregano, salt, pepper, add chopped cheese and simmer for approx. 5 minutes.

Good luck and good luck!

London ep.1 Borough Market

I also arrived in London. This time for real, not just with recipes. Meu My dream, since I know myself, is to get to London. I succeeded this year. And now, when I remember, I feel a mixture of emotions and feelings, more and more powerful: maximum joy, exaltation, relief, sadness, cruel fatigue, love, longing, nostalgia. London was overwhelming, huge, hectic and crowded, smiling and friendly, cold and bad, tough and tiring, expensive, but also very tender, diverse, surprising and fantastic.

It was more than I expected. I was left with my old-fashioned and romantic ideas about London, while my father would go on delegations and bring us toys and posters with market bands. I knew then about The Beatles, Madame Tussauds, London Bridge, fish & ampchips, etc., etc. I found and discovered many of them, but I realized that I did not take into account the fact that so many years have passed over London since I have been waiting to arrive and that in the meantime it has changed. London is now modern, vibrant, Madame Tussauds no longer attracts so many curious people and it is a dusty and old building and the locals don't eat fish & ampchips! This is more for tourists.

What I didn't like about London

I'd like to start with this and then move on to the beautiful things. For those who know I'm so obsessed with London, I'll be surprised that I didn't like something, but look, it's still happening.

1. The net. God forbid! But here I would like to mention that I had bought a new phone and I didn't have roaming enabled (some Vodafone bullshit), so it was also my fault, I don't know. But seriously, it's going badly or not at all. The only places to find it are at the hotel and in some museums / places. Do you know those pictures on fb with & # 8222Wonderful view from the London Eye & # 8221, & # 8222Nice weather in Hyde Park & ​​# 8221? They are posted five hours later from somewhere on the net. That's what I did. I came across three funny situations in a few places on the internet.

a. At a local I asked what the password is on the net and they told me that from this hour they no longer have internet & # 8230

b. At a burger restaurant in Soho, I asked for my password and was told that I could only log in if I had been there before. I told her I was there for the first time and the poor waitress looked at me and I at her and I didn't solve anything.

c. You must have an England number to get a net. No shit? On some networks, this required me to & # 8230

I felt like Alice in Frieking Wonderland. However, the experience was dubious. I kind of got hurt there with check-ins, pictures and more. Maybe it was better that way. I enjoyed the experience more.

2. The weather. Ok, I knew it was raining, the sun was rising again, it was hot or not, the wind was blowing and all that. But really? 6 days of strong and cold wind, sunny sun, no heat. I can't speak ill of British weather because you know how it is, but it's awful to be like that on holiday and even the locals were puzzled by that nasty weather because it had been hot a week ago. Good, so he's still lucky.

3. The smell. London smells very strong of beef and beef burger. After two days I was already sick. This continuous smell of beef sizzling on the grill cut off my appetite.

In the end, the overall experience was amazing and left me with a void in my stomach. However, I left there relaxed and happy because I know I will return. I visited many places in six days, I ate many goodies, I was in the squares, in the parks, I was in the world of Harry Potter, what else? It was unbelievable!

The first and first stop, after the hotel, was Portobello Road Market, because it was close. But I arrived too late, after 6, and everything was closing or was already closed. But I took pictures, ate something local at a cool pub, and admired the architecture of Notting Hill. You will see more about this in a dedicated post.

But now I want to invite you with me to the Borough Market. Located on Southwark Street, it is the most famous and oldest market in London, home to both local and international products. And Jamie Oliver is shopping there. Honestly, I looked for him, but I didn't see him. Find everything in this market: vegetables, meat, fruits, spices, a hundred types of mustard, cheese, oil, olives, sweets, etc. The coolest part? The market with cooked food. Behind the market there is another one where there are only stands with cooked food, sandwiches, salads, sweets, burgers and many other delicious dishes. It smells incredible here and everyone screams, announces their products, cooks hard and urges you to taste. It's dizzying!

There are over 70 product stands in the market. The market is open daily until 9pm, but the cooked food stands can only be found on Fridays and Saturdays. What's Nearby: The Shard, Southwark Cathedral, whose courtyard is flooded with people enjoying market food, London Bridge.

At the entrance to the market, we were greeted by some fresh strawberries, the first of the season.

The English also discovered leurda. Everything was with leurd, pesto, mustard, sandwiches. It was very expensive but & # 8230

Cheeses. Here was a stand of some Swiss producers.

and other. Find a wide range of cheeses from around the world, not just in England.

Oils, truffles, mushrooms and olives. Many Italians, Greeks, but also English.

Sausage stands. Here, honestly, I saw more local products and they all looked great! British sausages (charcuterie) are on the rise, because although many products are imported from abroad, locals are increasingly interested in making their British version with local ingredients. Here we have something to learn.

Bread and bakery products

Family business. My father and daughter had a tea stand in India. We also went to go with freshly grated ginger.

And seriously, who wouldn't buy cheese from this boy & # 8217?

Traders in the area of ​​stands with cooked food

And the food there: local burgers, salads, Saint Jacques shells, why not ?, paella, sandwiches, Turkish sweets, the famous Scoth Eggs and others that I didn't get to photograph.

the biggest regret is that I didn't eat this !!

I tried a little of everything, because I didn't get rid of the traders. I liked everything, especially the local products because they had a new taste and unknown to me. What I bought in the end was something traditional as I had decided I would try. Some traditional British pies from Pie Minister, which I found during my internet searches. They also have places in the city where you can dine, but if I found them in the market, why not try directly from there?

These pieces are awarded in England. I got one of their classic pies, Moo & Blue, with English beef steak and stilton cheese. Do you want some gravy on that love? Of course I asked for a little gravy on that love. The dough is amazing, fluffy and light. The flour comes from a mill in Gloucestershire, the beef is 100% British and the cheese is from Leicestershire. What a feast and a treat! Cam heavy on the stomach, dar aia e.

I really liked the Borough Market. It was one of my favorite places in London that I got to see. It is a more expensive market, but for me it was a revelation to see so many quality and fresh products, beautiful agitation and not chaos, the cooked food anointed my soul and the whole experience remained close to my heart. I'll be back!

There are other articles in London about other markets, food and adventures!

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